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How do I view a list of open Health Rule violations in a dashboard?


Hi Team,


I need to view the list of Open Health Rule violations. I can see that in the Applications tab, under the tab there is a link to Health rule violations and the window has a drop-down to list down the Open Violations. I need this specific data to be available on the Dashboard. I used all the Health rule widgets but they have options to view (Health Rule Started/Continue and End). However, I need the one which are open for given application. I need to generate this for more than 18 applications in my landscape in one Single Dashboard. Please help with the requirement.


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Dinesh,
Go to Dashboard & Reports > Edit the Existing Dashboard or Create a new one. Click on Add Widget Select Health Rules & Events Select Event List Select your Application as DataSource. Add the criteria based on your requirements and save it.