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Finding Least Business Transaction Creators




End Goal:  Be able to see which Nodes/Tiers/Segments generate the least amount of traffic including 0 traffic. Instead of the Top Business Transaction creators, I want to find the least.   


Multi Context Environment where Segment0 are my web clients/contexts in Analytics.  100+ Nodes with 5000+ Clients 


Using:  Analytics and creating a new search with new graphs.  


Results:  Transactions only appear to be sorted by the Top 10 (or 50 or 100, etc).  How can I get data from the Least 100?  



what is the query you have to pull for those transactions?

I assume you must have written ADQL query?


Looking at this page,

I assume you can write a query and order by desc.

Thanks for the reply.  I'll investigate this suggestion.  I'm unsure where to find the ADQL query for the Analytics dashboard at the moment, but I'll dig deeper. 

I didn't have access to the "Advanced" option for creating the Search.  Now that I have access, I can use the ADQL. 

Great, glad to be of help!