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Dashboard Timerange

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Hi everyone,


I want to compare some analytics data before and after 10/25(new function had been realeased). I create two widgets, one to show data before 10/25 and other one is after 10/25. 

I want to use dashboard timerange like this :

      - If i choose 3 days then the before widget will show data 3 days before 10/25 and the after widget will show data 3 days after 10/25.


This is what I found in AppDynamics Documentation about "Compare Releases Tool"

It seems like exactly what I need, but somehow it doesn't supported anymore...




Is this possible to do that on my dashboard?! If yes, please let me know how to do it, many thanks!






Yes, you should be able to do it on a dashboard, as long as the dates are static. You can basically create a series of widgets which you can arrange side-by-side or top-to-bottom similiar to how you displayed above. Then within those widgets, set a custom time-range (by checking the "use widget-specific time range" checkbox under the Time-Range drop down, and then selecting the "custom" tab when the time range popup appears). From there inside those two widget's you'll can add a series of smaller "Metric Value" and "Time Series Graph" widgets all with the same custom range to build out something like what you're displaying above. So a bunch of smaller widgets inside a larger widget if you wanted a title-screen and date range shown.

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Seems like that is exactly what we have done. 





But is there anyway to do this if the dates are dynamically. Because when we want to see data from difference time range then I have to go to the edit mode to change the custom time range for each widget (image that I have more than 10 widgets in my dashboard - it may takes a long time to do this).




I don't know is that possible if I using the dashboard time range and then the before widget will show me data before my release date? 

Please let me know if you have any idea about this. Thanks!