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Notification emails are not complete




Why is the email notification not fully complete? where i can solve this issue ?





thk for your help



The language they used for the current dashboard is Apache Velocity ( and  ${event.eventMessage} is the command to call the latest event's event message summary (You can see most of the ones used here: Are you using a custom email template for the Health Rule violation your server 14 and 60? That would be one place to check. I also notice that you're using a wildcard |*| for the other volume metrics, so perhaps it's having difficulties pulling up the volume metrics for those specific servers (14 and 60)? When using the metric browser can you pull up the metrics? Either way, I'd see what the health rule is pointing to, it is triggering on something, but not able to poll the deepLink. 


You may also be able to test the polling yourself by going to Alert and Respond > Email Templates > New > and using the "Test" button to see if you can get it to call up the event message correctly. 

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Thk for your help !


I don't use any template mail only mail digest:

Capture01.PNGI have change the timer to send the mail at 12 hours.


example of visibility for 14 (Agent - Disk):





Now the mail:



I do not know why but having changed the mail frequency gives me no more information about the disk space (for all servers).


In my first demand the frequency is 2 hours and no more 10 count.


must I create a mail template for it to work entirely?


Thk !! 


bye !

No you shouldn't have to create an email template, I was just suggesting that you can use the template's "test" function to figure out if you are seeing the correct metrics. Just so I understand though, what health rule/policy/event are you setting it to trigger on?

I see you're telling the email digest to trigger in the event that a Health Rule violation starts, upgrades, etc. but what health rule is it pointed to? Maybe that's why it's not reading the event message correctly, it's not sure what event it's supposed to report on. Usually, you build a health rule, then create a policy which triggers that health rule, and then an action you want that policy to do (in this case send you an email).

If you're trying to get routine reports however, you might be better served building yourself a dashboard with all the server disk space/volume metrics in it and then setting up a report to email you at whatever frequency you want.

Let me know if I'm not understanding the issue, and I'll try to be a bit clearer.

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Actually the rule to use is a rule to modify, to be able to list all the volumes, I have just tried with the already existing rules I am well aware of the information of the variable but unfortunately I do not have all my volumes.


Rule type: Server Health > Hardware Resources|Volumes|*|Used (%) (Custom)

if i use: Server Health > Hardware Resources|Volumes|Used (%) (it's ok but only filesystem is monitored)


I see the problem now



Thx for your help !


Bye !