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Dashboard Metric Expression Calculation Issue

Hi team,

We have a metric expression calculation to plot on the dashboard which very often has no data reported because at least one of the metrics within the expression has null value.


But seems to be deleted because we cannot access it, neither our AppDynamics Account Manager can.

Does anyone have this article, or otherwise any solution for this issue?



^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez removed link to archived post



I'm looking for the same thread.  Did anyone ever locate and give you the working URL?



Can you unarchive the link that provides the solution to this issue?  Looking at the history of this posting I see the following:  "^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez removed link to archived post"


My issue is the same.  On my dashboard, I have a metric expression with 4 variables.  My metric expression will be " -- " (null) if one of the three is a null.  How do I fix this?  


The "% Slow, Very Slow & Stalled Calls" column is the metric expression.  I've put the expression in the green highlighted callout.  The second row of "% Slow" has a value because all four of the simple expressions (ie.  basic metrics) has a value.  The first one, in my opinion, should have a value.  Meaning, AppD logic should be smart enough to pass through a "0" when "stalled count" is a null.  


Thoughts on how to remediate this issue?


How do I configure so the expression evaluates a "null" as a zero?How do I configure so the expression evaluates a "null" as a zero?

Hi Ross,


I have pulled the old post out of the archive and can be found here:


Note this post is old and may not work with newer versions of the controller


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Thank you Ryan.


Based on your response, the implication is that the fix you un-archived would not work on a current controller?  We are running version AppDynamics Controller build


Do you know of a fix that would work so that "null" would be inturpreted as a Zero?



I have been informed that the reported issue has been addressed in controller version 20.3.0. There is a property which needs to be enabled for the ER to be effective, so in case of a SaaS controller you need to contact Appdynamics Support team.

In case of an OnPrem controller instead, here the steps to enable it:
1. Login to <controllerURL>/controller/private/ControllerFlagsServlet
2. Use root@system and controller root password for login
3. Look for the following property and set it to 'true'


4. Save it.