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Can we link Multiple dashboards?



Can we link multiple dashboards ? Meaning can i have a parent dashboard  to which i can add several child dashboards and one click on parent dashboard can redirect me to the child dashboard?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Tejaswini,


Yes you can! I have seen many of our advanced customers create master dashboards, linking them to more specific child dashboards.


When you edit a widget, on the left side there is a 'Double Click' section. Select Action > 'Open Specific URL'. This can be any URL, including another dashboard, or a page in the product.


You can get the URL of the child dashboard by going to Share > Share Dashboard. Then clicking Share > Copy Shared URL to Clipboard.


I hope this was helpful to you.





Hi Daniel,


Are those customers able to prevent the link from opening a new browser tab and "relaunching" AppDynamics?


I've been trying to do this for some time but it seems a very inelegant as a user experience because of those two things.




Hi @Daniel.Arrizza,


I heard back from the Dashboard team.


There's a radio button to choose how you want the link to open, in the current page or a new window. 


Not sure what Controller version you are on, but there is also a new way:




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Thanks for the response, Ryan.


Looks like the option to specify how the link opens is only available in Dash Studio.


I can't use the studio because 1) I can't use beta/preview software for critical APM tasks in our Production environment and 2) one half of the screen in each of my 3 primary dashboards is filled with iFrame widgets displaying info from other APM applications and I don't see anywhere in the studio or the documentation for including iFrames. (I tried an image>url method but it didn't work.)