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Upgrading app server agents

We are having issues with an app agent on one of the nodes of our instrumented application. Its status keeps dropping down to 0% and comes back up once it is reset. The support team advised us to upgrade the agent's version as the current version is outdated (v


Now I cant find a relevant article in the documentation on how exactly it can be done. Do we need to install the app server agent again or is there a way to upgrade them through a wizard or something?






AppDynamics Team

Thanks for posting the question on the Community.


To upgrade the AppDynamics Java Agent, you simply copy the existing agent directory to a backup location and replace it with the new agent directory. You then copy configuration file changes made in the old directory to the new agent directory and restart the application server.


Unfortunately, no upgrade wizard available in Java App Server agent.
Please refer to the following URL for the detailed procedure:


Let me know if this helped you.


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