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Servers Search functionality enhancement




It would be great if the Servers 'search box' feature within the AppD Controller (doesn't have to just be with Servers search) offered more searching options, perhaps being able to 'wildcard' characters so certain servers would show OR even be able to use Regex to highlight a particular list. Would this be the place to recommend further enhancements to the Controller..?





Community Manager

Hi @Timothy.Forward,


Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Community. We actually have a specific place in the community where you can share these ideas.


The Idea Exchange can be found here.

I ask two things first:

1. Be sure to search that space for an idea that already exists around your topic. You can search from the Search bar at the top right of the page

2. If there is no idea that already exists that matches your request, please read the   before posting.


^ Note: the Idea Exchange is not accessible by members who are using a "Lite or Trial"  version of the product.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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