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Changing Load Balance VIP

We are migrating our Load Balance device and need to move all the VIP's to different Load Balance with new VIP.We have controller installed in HA and we need to understand where we can change in VIP or IP in the AppDynamics application. In terms of l...

Resolved! AWS resource-id tag is not available

Hello, I have app and machine agents deployed on an Ubuntu EC2 instance and they are both successfully connected to AppDynamics. The AppDynamics Server has the SIM enabled and is successfully correlation to the APM application. The problem is that wh...

Telegram Config

Hi Hope you are well. Try to get telegram notifications going. So I did create a HTTP Request Template and it is working, but I can not get rid of the html formatting when I receive messages from telegram. Anyone got this working. Example of telegram...

Resolved! Link to the Health Rule Violation inside the email notification directs me to http controller url instead of https

Hello, For an On-Prem Controller, the email notification contains the link to the Events but when I click on the link it gets an error ie. "(controller_name.domain) didn't send any data/ ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". This is due to the link in the notificatio...