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How to import an API doc in drupal 8 whenever we have a new API product in APIGEE edge?
New Member

I am looking for a way to import and create a new API doc in drupal 8, whenever we have a new API product in APIGEE edge.


In a way, I'm looking for synchronization between drupal portal and the Apigee edge in terms of API products just like apps.


New Member

Include the appropriate security policy in your API proxies, such as Verify API Key or OAuth v2.0. The API product uses API keys and/or OAuth access tokens to enforce API access. For more, see API keys and OAuth home.
Add API proxies and/or resource paths to your API product to restrict access. Otherwise, any app associated with the API product will be able to make calls to any API in your Edge organization.

IF you need step by step process, check out the Apigee tutorial.

if you need assistance check out the official docs