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Upcoming support changes for AppDynamics products

I just received a mail stating, past June 14 we won't be even able to view the past support tickets.  I see it as a blocker for learning. Because whenever I face an issue, I refer to the past tickets and learn from that before actually creating a ticket. Past tickets can be available atleast as HTML to view.

Kindly let me know if there are any such plans.


Community Manager

Hi @Jananie.Rajeshwari,

Thanks for sharing your concern. I've shared this with the team. We'll get back to you soon. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi Jananie,  just to clarify all open cases will be migrated and available in the new Cisco Support system,  Support Case Manager regardless of age.  In addition you'll get the last 30 days of Closed cases (ie:  from May 14 - June 14th).  I assuming for your use case above you're mostly interested in open cases (current issues) so you should be well covered.


Dear Regina,

I am more interested in closed cases. Let me explain my view. For eg. I get an issue with JAVA agent working with some different application which is rarely used by customers around the world. And such case was already experienced by some customer and support has provided a solution after lot of troubleshooting and resolved it. Now that ticket was closed back in 2023. It is a collection of brainstorms from experts and a great knowledge base. If the closed cases become volatile with this new migration, then when the similar issue occurs support team, consultants and customers have to again sit for hours to find out the solution. 

There are many instances similar to this.

It will take years for Cisco to build such a valuable knowledge base again. My humble request is to have the database of older just as reference point instead of deleting it forever.

Thanks for considering my request.



Thank you for the additional detail Jananie.  This is super helpful we will be storing 10 years of AppD case data in an internal database accessible by Support,  so when an issue comes up,  the engineers have the ability to pull on 10 years of data for a quick resolution.  I do realize that this doesn't help customers and partners self-serve and do that in-depth research themselves,  but we're not losing that history for support engineers.  Thanks so much for taking the time to provide feedback,  we'll weigh this input balancing cost,  resources and impact to timelines.