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How can I get the Database application IDs



I have a DB Monitoring enabled and some HRV configured, so when I view the details of a violation, I can see in the URL an Application ID which is not any of my Applications... If I try to get the HRVs for this unknown application ID through the REST API, it is succesfully returning the violations for my database.


How can I get the application IDs for each of my databases other than manually expecting the URL in the browser for each of them?


The rest calls I am using are:


But if I try:


I don't see application with id 458


So... it seems I figured out this one as well, but if someone can confirm it would be nice:

It seems like the application Id wich I see in the URL is not different for every application but that is actually the id of the internal "Database Monitoring" application. Meaning that I can get HRVs from the API for all the databases with a single request against the "Database Monitoring" app or its internal ID.



Yes, that is correct. Database Monitoring is itself an application. As you already checked the Database Monitoring application id, you can use it to retrieve HR violations.


Please follow docs for more information.




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So how do I find out what this magic application ID is?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Lyubomir.Dimitrov


We thought the new REST API released in version 4.5.4 might be of your interest. Using this API you can fetch the list of your monitored Database Servers and their details.


Product Update, November 2018 (v4.5.4) provides complete information on what's new in v4.5.4. 


Hope it helps.



Thanks for the message and bringing my attention to this updated API. I will definitely review and get use of it!