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Product Update, November 2018 (v4.5.4)

Table of Contents

Feature Enhancements
BETA Programs
Resolved Issues
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What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights will guide you through the newest features and capabilities. Notice in the grid below each feature enhancement identifies most interested or impacted users.


Product Feature Enhancement

User and



Admin and





EUM Correlation for Akka HTTP      
Support for Play 2.6.x    
IBM WebSphere Enhancements  
Support for 3.5.0-3 Vert.x Core    
PHP Support for Transaction Analytics
Infrastructure Visibility Service Installer for Database Visibility on Windows      
Additional Metrics for MongoDB    ✓
Enhanced Query Stats Collection with Date and Time Filtering for DB2    
Use a REST API to Retrieve a List of Monitored Databases    
CPU, Memory and Query Wait State Information in the Database Live View      
Network Visibility for Kubernetes      
Performance Improvements for Network Agents      
End User Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring for On-Premises Customers      
Plot IoT Data by Geographic Area    
Platform Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens  
AppDynamics for SAP Several Additions and Enhancements  


EUM Correlation for Akka HTTP

Get the benefit of correlated EUM and Business Transaction visibility with applications built on the Akka framework. Read the full documentation for details on supported Java environments.


Support for Play2.6.x

The Java Agent now automatically instruments applications built using the the latest version of the Play framework (2.6), with the Akka HTTP server implementation out of the box for both Java and Scala. Read the full documentation for details.


IBM WebSphere Enhancements

The Java Agent has been certified to support WebSphere Liberty Profile. Additionally, the agent correctly interprets the new format of garbage collection and CPU consumption reporting introduced by IBM in the SR5 release of their Java SDK v8.


Support for 3.5.0-3 Vert.x Core

The out of the box configuration for instrumenting applications built using the open source Vert.x framework has been enhanced to support the latest Vert.x framework versions (3.5.0 to 3.5.3 inclusive), bringing the easy AppDynamics out of the box experience to customers using this popular reactive application framework. Read the full documentation for details.


PHP Support for Transaction Analytics

Many customers are benefitting from the close correlation between performance data and business outcomes afforded by the AppDynamics Business iQ (“Analytics”) capabilities, such as segmenting transaction performance by customer or identifying stalled orders by customer with Business Journeys. With the 4.5.4 release, customers with PHP applications can enjoy these same benefits previously available only to Java, .NET and Node.js users.


Service Installer for Database Visibility on Windows

To simplify the installation process, you can now run a script to install the Database Agent as a Windows Service instead of having to launch Database Monitoring via the command line. Read the full documentation for more details. Read the full documentation for details on installing the Database Agent.


Additional Metrics for MongoDB

We’ve enhanced MongoDB metric collection by introducing four new metrics that will help you dig deeper into Node state changes and Replication performance: Replication_MyState, OplogTimeDiff_in_sec, Oplog_Size, and Oplog_Max_Size. Read the full documentation for information on all MongoDB Server Metrics.


Enhanced Query Stats Collection with Date and Time Filtering

Query stats collection for DB2 is now filtered using the LAST_METRICS_UPDATE column for the last five minutes to reduce monitoring overhead.


Use a REST API to Retrieve a List of Monitored Databases

The new REST API call can help you gain deeper insight into your Database Servers by providing you a list of all of your monitored Database Servers. Read the full documentation to see the REST API call.


CPU, Memory, and Query Wait State Information in the Database Live View

The Database Live View window will now show CPU usage, memory usage, and query wait state information for MSSQL, even if you have disabled Hardware Monitoring. Read the full documentation for details on the Live View.


Network Visibility for Kubernetes

We recently wrapped up one of our BETA programs with the successful launch of Network Visibility for Kubernetes. This new capability adds an important new tool to your application monitoring arsenal, allowing you to isolate and troubleshoot network-related performance issues faster. Read the full documentation or watch our recorded technical session.  


Performance Improvements for Network Agents

The Network Agent can now support up to 50 Application containers running on the same node as that of the Network Agent. 


Synthetic Monitoring for On-Premises Customers

The first offering of Synthetic Monitoring is now available for our on-premises customers. This release of the synthetic server, together with the latest update of the synthetic private agent, enables on-premises customers to monitor the availability and stability of their internal website and applications. Read the full documentation for details.


Plot IoT Data by Geographic Area

You can now review geolocation data to your IoT Dashboard to get a better understanding and deeper insight into the performance of your devices by geographic area. Build custom widgets to visualize the data in a representation works best for your organization. Read the full documentation on monitoring IoT application.


Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens

Removal of Adobe flash-based screens continues to be a priority within the product. We are releasing three converted screens (listed below) as part of v4.5.4 and expect to convert many more in the next few releases.    

  • Snapshot list → Identify Expensive Methods and SQL Statements
  • Instrumentation → Data Collectors List page
  • App Server Agent Configuration Modal 


AppDynamics for SAP Additions and Enhancements

The following enhancements were added in v.4.4.1811:

  • SAP GUI monitoring updates
  • SAP UI5 (Fiori) End-user Monitoring
  • Support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS
  • Custom installation Directory for HTTP SDK

 For complete details, see the AppDynamics for SAP Release Notes.


See What's Coming! Join a BETA Today

We’re currently running several BETA programs and we’re looking for new participants:


Resolved Issues

As part of 4.5.4, we addressed multiple product issues in order to create an improved customer experience. Below is a list of key issues that were resolved:


Language Agents

  • REST API to import transaction detection not working (APMPLAT-6108)
  • Remote Services does not select the correct elements (APMPLAT-7018)
  • Node.js agent in libagent mode does not attach BT details with the process snapshot (DLNATIVE‑1616)


App iQ Platform

  • Grids are not showing up in the UI (ad-grid) (UIPLATF-4893)
  • Node Memory Heap Flex page crashes on secondary account is causing later Flex routes to fail (UIADMIN-1376)
  • Unable to view exception details for more than one day (UIADMIN-1238)
  • The "Health Rules / Problems API" returns the incorrect Controller URL (ALERT-2605)


On-Premises Platform

  • Not able to create applications and register new nodes after upgrading to 4.5.1 on on-prem Controllers (APMPLAT-8910)
  • Sorting is done incorrectly for Error count (APMPLAT-8617)
  • Automatic "Service Endpoint Detection" cannot be configured at the application level (APMPLAT-8508)
  • "All Apps" page doesn't load for one day because the maximum number of return points was exceeded (APMPLAT-8444)
  • Remote Services does not select the correct elements (APMPLAT-7018)
  • REST API to import transaction detection not working (APMPLAT-6108)
  • Broken compatibility between DB Agent pre-4.3.4 and the Controller post-4.5.2 (DBMON-4221)
  • When checking data points limits for a request, rollupDataPoints weren't taking into account (MQS-348)
  • Flow Map error caused by a null point exception (MQS-331)


Database Visibility

  • Fields in "Select" statements for creating custom metrics cannot contain HTML or special characters (DBMON-4112)
  • Custom Events are being generated from empty result sets (DBMON-4052) 


Comprehensive lists of resolved issues organized by product area are now available in 4.5.x Release Notes. 


Get started

AppDynamics v4.5.x Complete Release Notes

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(on-premise), Events Service. and EUM Components),

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AppDynamics Upgrade Checklist For Any Release


Additional Resources

More on AppDynamics with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, and PCF>>

If you are interested in learning more about what AppDynamics has to offer by way of cloud monitoring, check out our new Monitoring Cloud Applications documentation page. We think it’s a great resource— it’s a comprehensive guide on our cloud platform providers and how to keep track of changes in your infrastructure and components.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Need more assistance? Ask a question in the Latest Release forum.

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