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How can I create an incident report with ServiceNow?


I receive a monthly report. I send this report to software teams by creating a manual record via ServiceNow.
The report detail I received is the call per min and responsetime value of the monthly related service. For example, if the xxx service is more than 5 and the responsetime is greater than 2000 seconds in 1 month, it is in the warning sla category for me.

I want to convert these processes to ServiceNow automation. However, there were places I could not get with API. Can I create incidents in the ServiceNow event part on this monthly report basis and the periods I want?


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez This reply originally existed on this Knowledge base article: How do I use AppDynamics with ServiceNow? 


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello, @Haluk Yaşar.Erol 


How's your ServiceNow automation going? Have you made inroads on your monthly report?


C. Landivar, Community Manager and Editor

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Hello @Claudia.Landivar 



Automated operations have been suspended because I cannot retrieve the data in the values ​​I want. I have a very difficult time getting the information I want with Api. Therefore, I cannot send data to servisnow.

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