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Can we export "All other business transactions?"

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We need a way to export the full BT listing, including all items contained under the “All Other Traffic” groupings in order to prioritize unnecessary BTs for exclusion. We have an extremely large number of business transactions that need paired down. To do this we need to present a list to our developer and operations teams for review. The BTs that are hidden under the “All other traffic” BT groupings need reviewing as well. The attached spreadsheet demonstrates the type of review sheet I want to create.


Have there been any updates on this?

Could this list be retrieved from the APIs?

...if you're asking, odds are, someone else has as well.

I'm also interested on this topic. We have a large number of BTs in the All Other Traffic (probably over 100) and in order to evaluate which gets out and which stays, firstly we need the list of them and the number of hits.

Thanks and regards



I think this documentation might help out here.


Do let me know.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Ryan, the APIs give details about the "All Other Traffic" business transactions (BT), like any other BT...but not what it is being captured and collected into the All Other Traffic BT.


When business transactions are locked down or are beyond the agent limit, the controller pushes the traffic to the All Other Traffic BT, which can be seen from "View Traffic Details" view (below). THIS is what we're asking about. How do we get a list of these, especially when there are a large number of them?


All Other Traffic DetailsAll Other Traffic Details

...if you're asking, odds are, someone else has as well.