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Best practices for migrating from On Premise to Saas?


Hi Team,


We are having our applications being reported to on Premise Controller. Now we want to migrate from On premise to Saas solution. Please suggest us the pre requisities for migrating from onpremise to Saas.

As we are having huge no. of applications(more than 100) reporting to the controller, do we need to migrate in different phases or can we do all at one time?








I want to migrate controller from on-premise to SaaS, while migrating controller please let me know the steps to follow.

I also need to migrate the existing controller data as well to SaaS.



Sneha Singh




How I can migrate AppDynamics from On-Premise to SAAS?

Hello all,


It's best to reach out to your AppD Rep for this matter. There can be a lot of nuances about how and what needs to be moved. 




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Can you please give me some contact point which whom I can discuss regarding migrating AppDynamics from On-Premise to SAAS?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Soumya,


As Ryan mentioned, it is best to first reach out directly to your AppDynamics Account Manager (sales rep). There are some nuances with SaaS migrations and they can put you in touch with the correct resources.

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Ashok Kumar.Sharma
AppDynamics Team

Replying for any future references to the question above.


Questions on on-prem to SaaS migration of AppDynamics is often asked as SaaS offering comes coupled with the benefits of cloud. Also, certain features such as Cognition Engine, SecureApp (RASP tool for your application) are offered on SaaS only today. The migration to AppDynamics SaaS is a tailor made approach in context with business and IT priorities. This would require an expert hand-holding with the AppDynamics team.

The process essentially involves

  1. Understanding business and IT landscape.
  2. Defining priorities in deliveries
  3. Ensuring configuration and customisation migration to SaaS
  4. Identifying schedule for move
  5. Test and validation post migration

I more than glad to assist you and have the right team support your journey. Do reach out if you are contemplating migration to AppDynamics SaaS, by replying to this post.

Ashok Sharma

AppDynamics, Senior SE

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