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Permissions on Dashboard from Analytics

Hello,   I did a dashboard from Analytics but no one can access : "Error  Status code: [403], Message: You do not have permission to execute this query"   How can I give access in view on this dashboard ? (I'm administrator / version 4.3)   I saw doc...

Sample Data Request

Hello,   I am working on creating a Data Visualizer for AppDynamics. I wish to showcase a dataset consisting of log files from within a network. Does anyone know where I would be able to find a sample set of files like that, or be willing to share so...

Resolved! Session Id count

Hi,   Can anyone please explain what does "count" option signify for session ID in analytics.  When i select "count distict" instead of count the value changes to 1, this is understandable since each user has a unique session ID. PFB the screenshot. ...

Is it possible to join tables using AQL?

I have a table of IDs to Names: id: name 1: user1 2: user2 3: user3   and another table of more data: id: edu : ...... 1 : bachelor : .... 2 : master : .... 3 : phd : ....   Is it possible to use AQL to join these two together so I can display the na...

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Analytics Agent scope creation

Hi,   Is there a way we can create Analytics agent scope for all the nodes within the Application tier. Since, our Analytics agents are AWS Ec2 instances and their hostnames and IP addressess are always vary and we do not have any standard naming con...