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Listing of Remote Services across applications

Not sure this goes here... but.


We have 300+ applications which can all make calls to remote services - we are in the process of updating a particular external service and I'm trying to use AppD to determine which applications are either pointing to the new service, or are still pointing to the old service.


Manually, I would go to the Application->Remote Services and check to see on each app what is listed as a Remote Service - but what I want is a way to create a list or call an API which will provide this for me.


If there isn't a single place, I can write a script to iterate over each Application - but, I am not seeing in the API where to get the Remote Services data - does anyone have a solution for this?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting question to the community!

Unfortunately, you can't get results of all remote services across different applications at once from controller.

But you can get remote services from each application separately by calling our API and edit them by yourself.
Here is the URL:

※Please refer to "GET /controller/rest/applications/application_name/backends"

And if you are using on-premise controller, you can also try to get the result from controller database directly.
Here is a query for that, please try to run it to check the result and then write it into your shell script.

mysql> select as application_name, ubci.display_name as remote_service_name from application app, unresolved_backend_call_info ubci, account acc, user u where = app.account_id and = ubci.application_id and = u.account_id and = '<username>';

If you are using SaaS controller and you still want to get results from controller database, I'm afraid that maybe you'd better to contact the support team.

Hope this answer helps!
Best regards,