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Suppressing Server Alerts

Community Manager

Receiving an alert when something goes askew is a fantastic way to ensure the environment and applications are running healthy, without having to spend time watching performance charts and dashboards. When there are server-related issues, such as CPU, memory, and other performance degradations, applications, and ultimately end users suffer.  

Health rules are geared to alleviate the need to constantly monitor the environment, however, what Health Rules cannot understand is when there is an intended activity that affects performance, such as when servers are undergoing maintenance.  

Upgrades, security patches, and performance-tuning activities generally happen in a controlled window, typically scheduled or at least managed manually. Being able to turn off alerts for servers undergoing maintenance will remove expected instances that cause alerts.  

Learn how to in this short video...


Product documentation: 




GUI based suppression capabilities are too basic, inflexible and time-consuming for a busy environment with lots of changes taking place that are not necessarily within predefined windows. To improve our capabilities in this area we have created a custom script wrapped around the AppD alert-suppression API.

Wrapping around APIs is the best way to reduce noise and admin overhead. 

P.S. The background music does very little to help with the experience of the viewing this video...

Hi @Hanif.Ali,

Can you share your solution?

Ioan Cozma

Hi @Ioan.Cozma 

Unfortunately I can't because it is forbidden by company policy.


Hanif Ali