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Health Rules & Dashboards & Alerts Oh My! - Quick Tip

AppDynamics Team

Quick Tip: When creating a health rule that will alert teams, make sure the same health rule is used in an "eyes-on-screen" dashboard. Do not create 2 different health rules – one for alerting and the other for dashboard viewing.



Over time, health rules will be tweaked and optimized in order to separate the signal from the noise. This constant update to health rules will ensure that the appropriate alerts are being sent. So, if you have two health rules for each (alert and on-screen) then making sure both health rules are synched becomes an enterprise-level maintenance issue.


And as anticipated, when the health rules do get out of sync ->

the dashboard will show a red status light ->
with no alerts going out to the appropriate teams or vice versa


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Claudia Landivar, Community Manager and Editor