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Community Manager

Hello everyone, 

We wanted to give you a heads-up about an upcoming request you'll see at sign-in. 

New and current members will experience a one-time request for Terms of Use (TOU) acceptance. This request represents a change in our requirements and process, in which we will require and record members’ TOU acceptance. 

At the same time, members will also be given the opportunity to opt-in to Community communications emails. This will come with new related settings within your profile. 

We've anticipated questions you may have and listed explanations below. Please also raise other questions below, or otherwise reach out!


Claudia and Ryan 
Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers 

What should I expect when this goes live?Who is included? | What is changing with the TOU?
What are Community communications emails? | How do I opt-in or out? | Resources


What should I expect when this change goes live? 

Once this project goes live and you sign into the Community, you will be prompted to: 

  • Agree to the new Terms of Use (required to participate as a Community member) 
  • If you wish, you can opt-in to receiving Community communication emails (i.e., non-automatic notifications) at this time 

Your sign-in information will remain unchanged, granting you access to all the familiar Community areas you already see. Afterward, you will be able to opt in or out of receiving Community communication emails on Community Settings anytime you want. 


Who is included in this request? 

New and existing members will see this request the first time they sign in after this process goes live. 


What is changing with the Community Terms of Use? 

While the Community Terms of Use have always been available, we want to be sure that members can review and explicitly agree to these terms when creating their Community Accounts. So, we are adding a page where members can review and record their agreement to the Terms of Use.  

The page will be introduced on sign-in. You will first be able to review the Cisco AppDynamics Community Terms of Use. Then, you will need to agree to the Terms in order to complete your Community sign-in.

We will advise the Community of the date in advance of launching this process. 


What are Community communications emails? 

Currently, you receive automatic Community emails based on your settings and tailored to your subscriptions. Community communications emails are different. As we continue to improve your Community experience with new content and programs, we’d like to be able to reach out to you about them. 

We view these occasional emails as informative updates with a clear benefit to you. These new Community communications emails will announce member-centered news and programs we hope will be useful and entertaining. You can expect opportunities to engage in events, surveys, and giveaways, as well as News & Announcements roundups. We’re looking to cultivate our mutual exchange of ideas. 

Of course, you would only receive Community communications emails if you chose to opt in. Opting in is completely voluntary. 


How do I opt-in to Community communications emails? 

You will first see this option at sign-in when the one-time page launches. There, along with the Terms of Use check box, you will also see a ‘Community Communications’ check box. By selecting this box, you would give the Cisco AppDynamics Community permission to contact you with Community communication emails. 

NOTE | To be clear, these emails are separate and distinct from the Cisco AppDynamics Community emails you already receive, based on your activity and subscriptions, which you can already control directly from your profile under Settings. 

Additionally, and separate from the one-time sign-in page, you will also receive new opt-in/out controls in your profile, under Settings. Here, you will be able to opt in and out of the Community Communications emails at will, ongoing.