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Xunit/Specflow Monitoring

New Poster

Trying to find a way to monitor xunit tests on the AppDynamics SaaS portal. We currently use specflow to build out the scenerio and then code the rest in c#. It would be great if there was a way to monitor the Scenarios as well as the steps within it. Behind the scenes it runs on xunit so maybe there is a way to monitor that?


test example: 

*.feature file

Scenario: [APP] Search for an app in Airwatch DB fails
	Given I have valid "apple" public app context
	When I search for the app "someapp"
	Then The http status code of the response should be 204

and the steps are something like this:

        [Given(@"I have (.*) device with name (.*)")]
        public void GivenIHaveDeviceWithName(string deviceType, string deviceName)
            this.ScenarioContext.Add("DeviceType", deviceType);
            var deviceContext = this.ScenarioContext.GetContext<DeviceContext>(deviceName);
            this.ScenarioContext.Add("Udid", deviceContext.Device.DeviceUid);


On the AppD side, I would then be able to see how long each of these scenerios took as well as even get how long each step took. Is there a way to do this? Possibly with some configuration?


Thanks in advance!


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



  All you need to do is identify the .Net Process under which this code is getting executed and then create a standalone app configuration and POCO rules to get the metrics.




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