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WCF calls in monitoring


WCF calls in monitoring



How can I get wcf calls monitored by monitoring? Problem is that all wcf calls are displayed under two or three call like RESTService.JsonRequest(), but there is lot of calls with different url. Wcf autodiscovery maps them all under calls.. It can't separate them by url. Calls are however separated by url in snapshot list. That is why I would like to disable wcf monitoring and watch only calls. The wcf calls should be visible in monitoring. How can I do that?



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WCF calls in monitoring
AppDynamics Team

Re: WCF calls in monitoring

Hi Esko,


By default, the AppDynamics auto-detection naming scheme identifies all WCF transactions using the service name and operation name: 


For example, a web service for a travel website books reservations from client front ends: "TravelService.BookTravel". For more details, you can refer to the below section and document

Automatic Naming for WCF Transactions


From the following details "Problem is that all wcf calls are displayed under two or three call like RESTService.JsonRequest()".Looks like RESTService is a service name and JsonRequest is a method name and from the following sentence "there is a lot of calls with different URL", Are you trying to access or invoking this WCF service from different applications URL? If yes, do you see the different BTs for those application's URL and Exit call?

OR, there are different -2 WCF URLs in which you have the same Service name and Method name? Could you please confirm.


Also, if you do not want to identify service as WCF service and want to identify as an URL and transaction, you can disable the WCF Transaction Monitoring Enabled and Discover Transactions automatically for WCF requests. For reference see the attached screenshot.


Let us know if you have any question.




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Re: WCF calls in monitoring

I tried according to your instructions, so that wcf monitoring is off and monitoring is on with autodiscovery. autodiscovery don't find any transactions. When I look at with browser's network monitoring tool it shows me request url like:


When I switch wcf monitoring on with autodiscovery, then I can see merely RESTService.JSONrequest in transaction list. When I open that line in list, I can see snapshots listed according to url. Those urls are just like one above. 


Why wcf match rule don't have splitting posibility? If I could make splitting according to url, this would't be problem at all. Wcf-call snapshots are anyway arranged according to url.