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Standalone Application Criteria


I am trying to experiment with setting up AppDynamics with a standalone application.


Can technically any .exe application be recorded by the Agent? I have a test C# program that simply prints out Hello World a thousand times with a small sleep in the loop.


I also created a POCO match on a class name 'Program' and method 'Main' in the Controller UI under Console->Instrumentation->Rules.


Afterward, I restarted the Coordinator service and ran my application.


Are there steps I am missing, or is this kind of application too simplistic / does not match the criteria for AppDynamics to record information?



try printing the hello world in a method and call that method from main, then sleep, then call again

and put the rule on the method that actually prints hello world.

The way you have it now sounds like main is only executed once, is that correct?

Yes, main was only executed once. I followed your instructions and set the POCO rule onto a new method which is called in the loop to print.


I've restarted the Coordinator service and then tried running the program a couple times on both a regular Windows 10 machine and a Windows Server 2012 R2, both with Agents linked to the same application installed, with the Windows Server console window showing a "running obfuscated agent" near the beginning of the print statements.


The AgentLog.txt also reflects that the program "returns a matched standalone profiler config," but there still is a warning that the RegistrationChannel "Could not connect to the controller/invalid response from controller, cannot get registration information." I'm guessing this is related to the 403 error from my other post?