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.Net App Agent Metric Data Point (Metric Browser)



We constantly have clients asking us to explain some of the metric names/types seen in the Metric Browser and still do not have precise answers. Hope someone can assist on this. 

Does anyone have a different explanation for the Obs, Sum and Count Metrics seen in the Metric Browser for an App agent?

 This page from the documentation, for example describes Obs as "ObsThe observed average of all data points seen for that interval", but if you are looking at one point on the graph for Calls Per Minute, then there can in reality only one metric value, or one actual number.
If the agent reports 73 calls per min as the metric for a point in time, then what would the other data points be reporting for that exact same point in time? This is not clear to me. 

Similar issue with the Count metric. If we are looking at the graph and seeing 1min intervals of data, see graph below, then what does it mean if the Observed value is 73, but Count is 3?
To me it would make sense if the count was always 0 or 1, meaning that at that one point in time the agent reported x number of calls per min as a value/metric, or it reported nothing, but this is not the case. 

Image 005.png


Community Manager

Hi @Dietrich.Meier,

I have passed this along to the Docs team. I will report back what I hear from them.

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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