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.NET agent not reporting the application traffic to saas controller





We have installed the .net application agent on the server as per the getting started wizard utility instructions. It shows agent connected but never came out of "waiting for the data" step. 


Steps We followed:
1. unzipped the dotNetAgentSetup64- on server. 

2. Executed installer.bat with admin access. 

3. Restarted appdynamics- coordinator service, IIS service
4. Started load test on the server to have huge traffic on the application. 


But the saas controller never showed the traffic on the dashboard. 


In agent log file below is the only warning logged:

"2020-02-25 14:45:20.0456 7768 AppDynamics.Coordinator 1 9 Warn RegistrationChannel Auto agent registration FAILED! Check the controller log for details."


Can one of you please help me to resolve this- it's very urgent. please.  


AppDynamics Team (Retired)



Make sure you have an active license and it's not fully consumed. Then make sure you don't have any license rules, or if you do, that the access key matches the one in the license rule. 


Next would be to double check your agent settings for the correct controller host, port, ssl, access key, application name, tier name, node name. It's easiest to verify this by running the AppD configuration GUI under the windows start menu. 


You may have a firewall blocking outbound traffic.