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.NET Agent




I'm trying to configure the .NET Agent for a Windows Service that launches and EXE that makes HTTP requests. 


The machine agent appears in the controller, but the App Agent version is null and runtime is null and despite setting up Class/Method in buisness transactions nothing seems to show.


We are using .NET 4.5.


It seems the config matches because I get this in the log

qtagent.exe AppDomain:*
qtagent_40.exe AppDomain:*
qtagentservice.exe AppDomain:*


Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks


Here's my config

<machine-agent />
<applications />
<standalone-application executable="QTAgent.exe">
<tier name="Load Test Agent Tier" />
<standalone-application executable="QTAgent_40.exe">
<tier name="Load Test Agent Tier" />
<standalone-application executable="QTAgentService.exe">
<tier name="Load Test Agent Tier" />


Try to specify the full path to the exe-files.

Thanks, I tried that but no luck.


I can see that the exe with the class I'm monitoring isn't appearing but one of the other exes is...

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Robert,


The Class/Method business transaction requires full class name including namespace to be specified. Did you do that?


Otherwise if you zip up %ProgramData%\AppDynamics\DotNetAgent\Logs and attach it here, we can help troubleshoot.

Hi Ryan,

I haven't tried that, the example I saw didn't have one. I'll give that a try tomorrow, many thanks.


Hi Ryan,


I've added the namespace but I've noticed it appears only one of the executables is being shown on the AppDynamics controller and it's one that doesn't have the class.


I've tried to attach zip but I get this message:

  • The file does not have a valid extension for an attachment and has been removed. jpg,gif,png are the valid extensions.


Many thanks for this,






Hi Robert!  Please visit the AppDynamics Support portal at and "Create a New Request". 


This will allow you to work privately with our Support team and share your agent log zip, which you probaly wouldn't want to share here publicly.