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Collect list of agents


Hey all, I want to get the list of AppD agents. I mean we can see those list of agents in settings but I want to get all of those agents to excel sheet. So is there any way that we can export the list of agents and details. Thank you


When i first signed on as our company's appD admin I was nearly fired for a very similar need and the fact that such a basic feature was unavailable anywhere but by viewing the UI.  There is a configuration exporter that can provide you something somewhat like this, but i think the limitation is FLASH.  Once this application moves to HTML5 entirely, I think that's an easy feature to build in that most C-levels want from their middle men/admins.




No easy way to do this. But you could try the below options


1) Create small program which can read /controller/rest/applications - List of all applications and get list of nodes from /controller/rest/applications/<application-name|application-id>/nodes


2) Go to AppDynamis Agents page. Take screenshot. Trim the picture. Copy it to One Note. Right click and Copy to Text.





If you are the AppD admin for your controller, i would assume you would also have the ability to login to controller database and write a query to pull all the nodes that are being monitored, it also indicates the type of node/agent etc, you can dump that to csv and it works :)




Thanks for the suggestions, I have tried the 1st one with
rest/applications, it’s not working in my environment. So I think 2nd
option the one which I can try and make it done. Thank you

That's the track I was on last time.  However, you have to keep in mind that querying a foreign data model arbitrarily leaves you with no idea how you're affecting the tables or services attempting to write into them.  Sure, I could potentially spend a day getting the data model together, figure out all the joins, write a large and complex query, then execute that query hoping the data and controller kept their integrity. 


There could also be an "export agents to XLS or CSV" functionality written by the developers that understand the data model and the impact of querying against them too in the same amount of time that would be available to everyone.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

This is really easy to do now with newly available extension

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Here's the way I do it.

I do it with Google Chrome and Microsoft Excel, haven't tried with other browsers/spreadsheets


1. Zoom out as much as you can so you get as many agents as possible in your screen

(it doesn't matter if you can't read the text anymore)


2. Click anywhere in the page and drag it to an excel sheet.

No fancy selection needed, this is going to drag the whole page, including the menu.


It will be a bit laggy, but the list will be transfered as-is in an excel spreadsheet.