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Can AppDynamics monitor .NET services which have no HttpContext or obvious entry/exit points?


Good day - 


I'd like to use AppDynamics all of our Windows services.  A number of these have no external entrypoint (REST or WCF), they run on timers and perform tasks; internally they are all custom code, with no ASP.NET, WCF etc.  I cannot seem to get the AppDynamic agent to register information about them.  Can someone give me some guidance?


What I have done is:

1) Configure them (using app.config files etc) to be picked up by the agent.  On the website I can see them registers as services, but no data is being logged.

2) I attempted to register custom entry/exit points in the AppDynamics portal using the Transaction Detection page, but the only call showing there for these services were some low-level .NET Framework APIs which aren't meaningful to me for monitoring.


Hence my question: can AppDynamics monitor code like this, and if so how?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Peter,


  We should be able to get the BTs identified via Custom Match Rule of type .net Class/Method. You just need to identify the Class and Method which the timer invokes and set POCO on it.




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