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NET (Agent, Installation)

AppDynamics for Gateway API kind microservices

New Poster

AppDynamics for Gateway API kind microservices

Hi, We have recently started working on AppD for our micro-services architecture.

We could successfully setup for all microservices and able to see the traffic and all sorts of dynamics.

But for one main Gateway API for all microservices, we are not able to see any traffic. 

This Gateway API is built with .net core 2.2 and used Ocelot to reroute service calls to the microservices. There is no controllers written in Gateway. It is a plain micro-service which is used for authenticating calls and reroute to respective microservices using Ocelot.


I want to know is there any specific kind of configuration for these type of micro-services to enable appD ? Please clarify us


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AppDynamics for Gateway API kind microservices

Hi There


Which Agent version are you using? Please use 20.3 upwards, and latest version if you can.


It should work OOB, however if it doesn't, try the below POCO

Class - Ocelot.LoadBalancer.Middleware.LoadBalancingMiddleware
Method- Invoke
Split BT on - Method param
Param index - 0
Getter Chain - this.HttpContext.Request.Path.Value




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New Poster

I will check the Agent version and I will upgrade it with my DevOps team mate,

First of all thanks for your reply, Its really helpful. 

Can you help me understanding a little bit more..


Do you want me to add Middleware Logic and Write some login in Invoke method ?

Yes I agree every request now hits this middleware's Invoke method

I could not understand the last 3 parameters, Can you help me on that, please.


-Split BT on - Method param
-Param index - 0
-Getter Chain - this.HttpContext.Request.Path.Value


What does Split BT means ? How this Getter chain will help me in generating appDynamics.

Many thanks in advance @Mario.Morelli 




Hi Sai


No code changes required within the Ocelot App

The first step is to update the agent to latest version, as normally it should pick up the Transactions Out of the Box.


Failing this ,you create a Business Transaction Detection Rule , using the following

You are basically just telling the AppDynamics Agent, that this is the starting point of this transaction, please capture from here.


It should bring back a BT for each "proxy endpoint" that is hit on the Ocelot Load Balancer

Please restart the Machine Coordinator, and then the App after making these changes


Agent Type - .Net

Entry Point Type - Class/Method



Then add the configuration as below



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New Poster

Thank you so much @Mario.Morelli , It worked !! 


That's great


Glad to have helped:)



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