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Setting up for a large enterprise Env

New Member

AppD Licensing is expensive.. 


if you have a large Env, are you instrumenting all the servers in a given app layer or just a % of them? Meaning I have 100 servers that run a dependent layer in my enterprise. should I install the agent on all servers or not?

Would be intersted to hear how others have handled this due to the expense of the licenses. in some cases you are running 3-4 apps on each server (.NET App pools) I have to buy a license for each .NET instance, which can make the expense for a single server huge.




AppDynamics Team



Java licensing is per node based. A node is nothing but a JVM process configured with java agent. So depending on how many nodes you want to monitor you need to configure java agent to those many nodes. If you want to monitor 100 nodes then you need to have those 100 JVM process configured with java agents.


And coming to .NET license


.Net license usage is at server level and the count never change if on a single server multiple .net applications are getting instrumented. 

.NET licenses are per machine agent (not app agent) so how many .NET machine agents are reporting could give you count of usage.  So current license usage depends on how many of the .net machine agents are reporting at given point of time. 


Hope that address your questions. If you have any other questions, please let us know