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Unable to install Event Service

New Poster

Hello All,


Please I'm new to this application.


Currently setting up a POC for a prospective client in Nigeria, but installing enterprise console and controller.

The event service comes up with this error. 

"ERROR [2018-04-13 17:42:18,208] com.appdynamics.orcha.core.OrchaRunnerImpl: Error executing: ERROR [2018-04-13 17:42:18,210] class com.appdynamics.platformadmin.core.job.JobProcessor: Platform/Job [1/0a44de4f-9c2d-4c42-aeea-f1c95bbd472f]: Stage [Verify hosts] failed due to [Task failed: Check total free memory on host: ca-apm with message: Detected only 4 MB free RAM. 12288 MB free RAM required for this installation. Increase the free RAM and retry this operation.]‎"


The server is a 22G RAM, 500G disk space.


The controller and event service are to be setup on the same host server.



The memory may be in cache.

If you are in a linux machine use the below command to clean it. Then try the instillation again.
echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches