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On-Prem AppD trial conversion to Lite

I installed the on-premise AppDynamics 15 day free trial in my lab so I could learn the product, deploy agents, etc.


The trial period ended and I received an email that it will transition to the lite version but then digging in further it looks like that might only apply to the SaaS version? Does anyone know if the on-prem version transitions to the lite version?


The reason I was asking is that under Licenses all Applications show "not licensed" and I read that there should be at least one of each, albeit limited.


Community Manager

Hi @Scott.Sotherland,


This is a great question, thanks for asking it on the community.


On-prem trials are currently not self-service. Can you confirm if you had to reach out to AppD Sales in order to get your on-prem trial set up? 

If so, it is recommended you reach back out to sales and discuss with them the nature of this transition. You can also always reach out to sales by going here:






Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Interesting as I did do this as an on-prem install on an Ubuntu server in my VM Workstation lab.


I never contacted anyone at AppDynamics. I downloaded the install files, registered for a trial and away I went.


However, if the on-prem can't be converted to Lite then I will probably go ahead and play with the SaaS version which seems more readily available, even after 15 days