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License Usage for Database agents


With the latest AppDynamics, how do we get the license usage per collector /per DB Type ? looks like a bug, since license usage for collector was visible on controller UI upto 4.2.x version, but it is not available anymore.

only cumulative consumption is shown for Databases under license menu.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Srishati.Yadav


Thank you for posting this query on the AppDynamics Community.


Please note that support for the License usage for Collector per DB type (Oracle and DB2) has been removed starting version 4.3.x. We have also removed CPU/core based licensing information on the Controller.


A UI fix is underway to display an accurate license consumption count per Collector.


Hope it answers your question.


Thank you


Hi Radhika, 


How can we get these detail currently, any workaround or extract from the DB ? 


Hi @Srishati.Yadav


Unfortunately, we do not have any workarounds available currently to extract that information.


That said, we shall keep you in the loop for any updates on the feature availability through the Release Highlights posted on the Community. 


Feel free to watch the Product Announcement page for the latest product announcements. Hope it helps.


Thank you