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EUM License

Hi Team

I have question that, every month EUM licenses are refreshing and i can see valid from and to are changing with info. May i know will utilized data will reflect the same like for example,.

Jan -2022 i see that utilized pageview count is 400

Feb -2022 i see that utilized pageview count is 700

Mar -2022 i see that utilized pageview count is 1100

in this above scenerio, the total utilized value is 1100 pageview. so each month utilized value will remain same and new view will be added. as per my knowledge and understanding, jan month - 400 views, feb month - 300 views, and Mar month - 400 views. it will not refresh the utilized and start from scratch.

Please correct me if i am wrong.




Community Manager

Hi @Jaganathan.Ellappan,

I found this Appd Docs page. Please let me know if it helps

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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