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Deploying an agent on a node in a different country


We have several Java agent licenses that were purchased in New Zealand and use your cloud offerring, however another part of the company in India is asking if they can use one of our spare agent licenses to deploy on one of their systems in India.  Is this permitted within the license agreement or would they have to purchase their own licenses and set up their own cloud account?




Doug McGibbon


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Douglas.McGibbon


If you refer to the Agent License Considerations doc, you see the following lines:


"Agent licenses are not bound to a particular machine or application. Therefore, a transfer of an agent-based license can be done simply by shutting down the application that runs the licensed agent (uninstalling the agent if the application will need to be restarted) and starting up the new application with the newly installed agent. Once the agent disconnects, a license unit is freed for the second agent."


Implies, there is no restriction on regions.


We would also recommend referring to the following:


How is Java Agent license consumption calculated?

How does AppDynamics license consumption work?


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns.



The license key for each rule is specified for each agent in the config file. This then should show up in the License view screen on the SAAS controller. Originally, everything was bundled under the "Default" rule, but I've set up different license rules for each of the clients to manage the agent usage.  Each rule has its own access key which is configured for the agents for that client.  On one, I've set 4 each of Java, Machine, server visibility and network. All but the network agents have been started and have registered corectly, but the machine agents simply refuse to register against the license key and won't show up on the license count.