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Controller License file expired


Hi all!

I installed the recent version of App Dynamics Controller for linux (, everything was going fine until the Controller starts and asks for the license. In a previous installation (February 2016) I can see the license.lic file but its expired as expected.

When I log into AppDynamics web site I can see the expiration date for On-Premises subscription is 01/01/2038. If its correct, I am assuming that I can still update my license. How can I do it?

I found this link in the documentation web site so I thought I could update my license...

Thanks in advance!

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Controller License file expired
AppDynamics Team

Igor, looks like you maybe in need of an updated License file from AppD. Are you able to open a Support ticket (thru and the AppD Licensing team should be able to help provide a new copy of the license file.


The link you provided mainly pertains to the scenario where you have an On-Premise Controller with multiple accounts / tenants in a single deployment. Not sure if that is what you have...Either ways, since this is licensing related, it maybe better for you to open a Support ticket..Thanks