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Appdynamics testing with Servicenow


Hello Team 

I have been trying to search for this information for a while now and haven't been successful yet. Our plan is to deploy Appdynamics as a SAAS based deployment for testing purposes and test ServiceNow integration with Appdynamics and last would be Monitoring applications and VM's that are deployed on the AWS cloud. 

Initially, we thought of going with the IBL APM Enterprise licenses but will that be sufficient enough. Will we be needing extra licenses to monitor applications and VM's deployed at the cloud.  We are planning to deploy 3 ESXI hosts and deploy some applications and start the monitoring from there and next step would be integrate Service now with Appdynamics, and then Monitoring applications and VM's that are deployed on the AWS cloud.

If anyone can please clarify what and how many licenses should be considered here, that would be superhelpful. 


Community Manager

Hi @Rohit.Kumar,

I have sent you an email with more information. Please continue to followup through there. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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