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Zero Calls Per Minute for a Business Transaction


A number of business transactions are showing up, but they have 0 calls (using data for last one year). Why they would at all show up. If a business transaction was discovered by an agent, that means there was a call for that business transaction and so it should show the number of calls as non-zero.



- The first call for a business transaction (BT) is used to register the BT with the Controller and then subsequent calls are reported as metrics. If a BT is hit only once (or only a few times all in a closely clustered group), it will get registered with the Controller but there may not be subsequent calls or very few. Over time the average is diluted as described below.


-  The Calls per minute metric is an average, so it will get diluted with time. As rollups happen 1 min --> 10 min --> 1 hr, it will get averaged and can result into < 1 calls/min in 1 hr granularity.

You can read about metric rollups here: Metric Data Display.
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what i don't understand is, why the BT are detected continously with question mark (?) symbol under health and how to drill down these transactions, why they are not appearing as normal BT's ?