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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

This may indicate that the agents are not correctly configured. Begin troubleshooting by looking at the server.log file. All log files for Controller are located in the <Controller_Installation_Directory>/logs folder.


Error Message


Error receiving metrics (node not properly modeled yet: Could not find component for node:

This error means the app agent tried to upload metric data for a specific node, but the node does not belong to any tier. Nodes must belong to tiers and these tiers must belong to a business application in order to receive metric data for that node. See AppDynamics Concepts.

Received Metric Registration request for a machine that is NOT registered to any nodes. Sending back null!

This error indicates that the Controller received a registration request for metrics for a Machine Agent that listed a machine ID not yet associated with any node. Configure the Machine Agent to associate with the correct application, tier, and node. See Install the Standalone Machine Agent.

Agent upload blocked, as its reporting a time well into the future. 

The App Agents attempt to report metric data using Controller time. The agents retrieve the time from the Controller every five minutes and report times using a skew of the local machine time, if different.

If for some reason the App Agent reports metrics that are time-stamped ahead of the Controller time, the Controller rejects the metrics. To avoid this event, ensure that the system times for the machine on which the Controller is running and the machines for the app agents are in synchronization.


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