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AppDynamics Team

Why does the Enterprise Console fail memory prerequisites when the Controller is installed in AWS Aurora?



The Enterprise Console prerequisite checks on the resources of a large profile Controller when it is installed in an AWS EC2 size r4.8xlarge fail with the following message:

Detected only 242588 MB of free RAM. 
524288 MB of free RAM is required for this installation.
Increase the free RAM and retry this operation. 


The recommended size for a large profile for Controller EC2 on AWS is Instance Size r4.8xlarge, which equals 244 GiB memory. However, a large profile Controller requires 512GB. When choosing Aurora, this check should be bypassed (but is not). Our engineering team is currently investigating this.



A work around for this is to modify the controller_min_ram_in_mb parameter in the Enterprise Console controller-large.groovy file.

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