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Why does the Enterprise Console fail memory prerequisites?

Why does the Enterprise Console fail memory prerequisites when the Controller is installed in AWS Aurora?



The Enterprise Console prerequisite checks on the resources of a large profile Controller when it is installed in an AWS EC2 size r4.8xlarge fail with the following message:

Detected only 242588 MB of free RAM. 
524288 MB of free RAM is required for this installation.
Increase the free RAM and retry this operation. 


The recommended size for a large profile for Controller EC2 on AWS is Instance Size r4.8xlarge, which equals 244 GiB memory. However, a large profile Controller requires 512GB. When choosing Aurora, this check should be bypassed (but is not). Our engineering team is currently investigating this.



A work around for this is to modify the controller_min_ram_in_mb parameter in the Enterprise Console controller-large.groovy file.

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