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What static IP addresses does AppDynamics use for Synthetic Monitoring?

If you're interested in using AppDynamics Synthetic hosted Agents with your private sites or applications, we provide a set of static IPs for the following locations:




Boardman, Oregon

Ashburn, Virginia

Dublin, Ireland


You can use one of these IPs to test a private site or an application that's behind a firewall. To do so, allow inbound traffic to the desired IP.


Note: As of v20.7.0, Synthetic Monitoring is available on both on-premises and SaaS installations.


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For more information on Synthetic Monitoring, see the documentation:


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Is this still true currently?

 As of now (version 4.5), Synthetic Services are only available as SaaS. Please see SaaS Domains and IP Ranges. We also refreshed the KB article with the latest information on static IPs. 

Synthetic Monitoring (Both Hosted agents and Private agents) are available in both OnPrem and SaaS versions now. 

Thank you @Ashish.Kumar: I've updated the article to reflect expansion of Synthetic Monitoring to include on-premises installations.