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What should I do when crash reports are not symbolicated after uploading the dSYM file?


First, follow the instructions here: How do I symbolicate mobile crash reports?


The dSYM file has been uploaded and the upload has been verified, but the corresponding crash reports do not get symbolicated.



If the dSYM file is incomplete or does not have the necessary debug information, the EUM Server will not be able to symbolicate the crash reports.


Use the "dwarfdump" command to verify that the dSYM file contains debugging information. 


Example of output:


$ dwarfdump  86D24-73RC-2B32-ZY70-ABCXYZ.dSYM


 File: 86D24-73RC-2B32-ZY70-ABCXYZ.dSYM (arm64)


.debug_info contents:




Check that the dSYM file is complete and contains the necessary debugging information prior to upload.

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