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If you are unable to start the Events Service when using AppDynamics version 4.3, first review the nohup.out log file for the following error message:  


[main] INFO c.a.a.processor.AnalyticsService - Starting analytics processor with arguments [-p, /export/appdynamics/appdynamics/events-service/conf/, -y, /export/appdynamics/appdynamics/events-service/bin/../conf/events-service-api-store.yml] 

/tmp/tmp-7078993570062239070-events-service-api-store.yml has an error: 
* Incorrect type of value at: logging.appenders.[1].throttleEnabled; is of type: String, expected: boolean



If you manually upgraded the Events Service from version 4.2 to version 4.3 using the steps outlined in the documentation, note that step 5 of the upgrade instructions says to copy the configuration settings from the file, not the file itself.



Step 5 of the  Manual Upgrade process:

Migrate configuration changes from the properties files in the backup Events Service directory to the conf\ file in the new Events Service directory. Depending on which type of deployment you are using, this involves inspecting and migrating settings from:, or




To resolve this issue, do not copy the 4.2 file when upgrading to version 4.3.


Instead, copy only the required configuration property values from the 4.2 file, such as, ad.dw.log.path, and, and update these values in the 4.3 property file located in <Event_service_home_directory>/conf. Make sure to save your changes and restart. 

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