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The Account Management Portal gives account administrators clarity and flexibility for managing accounts. 

 —Watch this space for updates! offers SaaS and On-prem account administrators more robust and flexible management tools. All account administration features are presented in grouped panes, so administrators can see a global overview, but with the ability to drill into deeper layers of account and user management. 


Updates to the UI are geared toward giving you a more pleasant and effective task and management experience. Navigation has been simplified too, giving administrators frictionless ways to get into the Accounts experience:

  • Administrators can navigate between their company and personal profiles through separate links, so managing the Enterprise is distinct from their personal settings.
  • A single Company Overview landing page (unless there’s a referrer set in the URL)
  • A link from the controller directly to


Table of Contents


New Company management features

In the Account Management Portal, Administrators will be able to access their accounts from the upper right-side drop-down, by clicking Account.



The Company Overview page is the primary landing page. Below the Subscriptions pane, a Support tickets pane offers new flexibility to administrator workflows.


On the left side navigation panel, administrators can access License Usage and User Management pages.  


Shortlist of open support tickets

A snapshot view of a company’s most pressing support tickets will be visible under Overview, in the Open support tickets pane. By default, they’re sorted first from the latest comment (from most to least recent), and then by priority (from high to low). 


For greater detail, administrators can still view the full ticket on the help site (also with single sign-on). Click the link on the far right of the Open support tickets pane.


License administration improvements for SaaS and On-Prem

Access License Usage from the Company Profile's left-side navigation panel. The overview of subscriptions will show:

    • subscription status
    • product usage
    • subscription expiration information


With a click, each subscription's detail page will open.


Direct access to Accounts from your controller

You’ll be able to get from the controller to your My AppD Account with a single click.


SaaS License administration updates

On SaaS license pages, administrators will be able to view:

  • SaaS controller version
  • Geographic residency of each SaaS tenant
  • List of IP addresses that need to be whitelisted
  • The number of retention days entitled by the license


View controller status in realtime

SaaS administrators can now more easily view controller real-time status, including downtime and planned upgrades. If they want to visit the status page directly, they just click the URL. Access is via single sign-on.


Controller management by timezone

Administrators will receive maintenance and upgrade notification emails based on their preferred timezone settings.


On-Prem License administration updates

On-Premises customers can download their license files at will. The files will update to reflect changes to license entitlement.


Two areas that use this functionality are:

  • Changes to a license’s MAC address
  • Managing high availability (HA) pairs


MAC Address

AppDynamics licenses for on-premises Controllers are tied to the MAC address of the machine on which the Controller is installed. If you need to move the Controller and its license to a new machine, or you’ve re-imaged your machine, your license will need to be updated with the new MAC address.


The license administrator with access privileges for a given permanent on-premises license can change the MAC address and then directly download the updated file right from the panel.


Read the details and steps in the Applying or Updating a License File documentation, under Updating MAC address.


Note: It is important to note that the MAC Address can be changed up to 12 times within a 12-month period. If you need to change it more often than that, you’ll need to contact the AppDynamics Licensing Team by emailing


Read How do I update a Mac address when I need to move my Controller? for more information.


High Availability (HA) deployment controller license pairs

High availability deployments use controller pairs—each with its own license. Administrators can view and download these license pairs.


Personal account management for the administrator

Accessible from the upper right-side drop-down, users can click Profile to manage their own account permissions.



Administrators will see role-based information and settings. On the left side navigation panel, users can access Personal Summary, Password, and Notification pages.  



Depending on the user's role-based view, they will be able to:

  • change personal settings, including timezone
  • access assigned resources
  • change their password
  • set notifications according to their timezone
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