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Start the EUM Server on Windows with a Batch Command

If you are having trouble starting the EUM Server as a Windows service, you can use a batch command to start it. 


Follow the steps below to use a batch command to start the EUM Server:

  1. Download the Apache Common Daemon Procrun.
  2. Create the file eum-start.bat with the following code:
    set SRV_PATH=C:\AppDynamics\EUM\commons-daemon-1.1.0-bin-windows\amd64
    set EUM_SERVICE_NAME=AppDynamics EUM Server Test
    set EUM_DIR=C:\AppDynamics\EUM
    set JVM_MX=4096m
    set JVM_MS=4096m
    "%SRV_PATH%\prunsrv" //IS//"%EUM_SERVICE_NAME%"^
    "%SRV_PATH%\prunsrv.exe" //RS//"%EUM_SERVICE_NAME%"
  3. Edit the file with the correct file paths and parameters.
  4. Place the file in the directory <EUM_processor>/bin.
  5. Run the batch file.
  6. You should see that the service for the EUM Server has been created.
  7. Start the EUM Server by clicking Start on the service.
  8. To stop the service, click Stop.
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