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Frequently asked questions



Does AppDynamics for SAP use the standard SDK?

Yes, this is the 4.4 SDK.

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Do I need to install the C++ SDK separately?

No, running the HTTP SDK proxy that is in the SAP download includes the C++ SDK inside of it. For instructions on installing the C++ SDK and HTTP SDK proxy, click here.

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When using a separate Linux box, what starts the C++ SDK?

The HTTP SDK proxy will call the C++ SDK, so there is no need to start anything other than the proxy.

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Does the C++ SDK run on PowerPC hardware?

No, our C++ currently only runs on Intel.

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Do I need to install a separate file to enable support for JCo?

Yes, you will need to copy the SAP_JCO_iSDK.jar file to the sdk-plugins directory of the Java Agent.


This enhanced protocol support is added via our Java iSDK. This will allow us to catch Java calls to the SAP System via RFC protocol. For instructions on enabling Business Transaction correlation with SAP JCo, click here.

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