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What AppDynamics enhancements were new in May 2023? 

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In May, releases and enhancements include AppDynamics Cloud, SAP Agent v23.5—as well as a number of other agent library updates, patches, and fixes, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller, the Account Management Portal, and the On-premises Platform.

Revisions through 5/14/23 - Webinar URL added, SAP Agent Release Notes URL corrected

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What release highlights should I know about?

The following table includes release highlights AppDynamics features and capabilities released in May 2023. Check out the table to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each enhancement.

For minor fixes or patches, please refer to the respective release notes links below.

AppDynamics Cloud enhancement highlights User Admin
SecOps DevOps
Application troubleshooting with logs  
Application root cause analysis with Anomaly Detection  
Business Transaction on AppDynamics Cloud 
Kubernetes infrastructure and troubleshooting     
Agent enhancement highlights        
SAP Agent  

The following agents have had basic library updates, patches, or fixes in May:
Analytics AgentCluster AgentDatabase Agent
Java AgentMachine AgentNetwork Agent
Node.js Agent
Python AgentReact Native Agent
Private Synthetic Agent 

SaaS Controller enhancement highlights        
Cisco Secure Application
Account Management Portal enhancement highlights
SAML configuration enhancements for user provisioning      
AppDynamics On-premises        
Automated Agent Operations  
Enterprise Console v23.4    
Events Service TLS Encryption    


Where can I find detailed information about any month's enhancements?

Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portal pages: AppDynamics Cloud Release NotesAppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes, SAP Monitoring using AppDynamicsRelease Notes for AppDynamics Accounts and Licensing, and AppDynamics On-Premises APM Platform Release Notes.

Where available, see links to this month's Release Notes below, under each product heading.

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AppDynamics Cloud enhancement highlights

NOTE |See the full 23.5 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements

Application troubleshooting with Logs page enhanced 

The Logs page continues to optimize your troubleshooting experience with more hyperlinks to entities and a new panel with the most relevant fields and their top values. The search bar now minimizes your need to type. (GA v23.5.25 Released May 30, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Monitor Anomalies

Baseline visualization for Anomalies Detected

Investigate why an Anomaly was detected using the upper and lower baseline thresholds of the violated metric. (GA v23.5.25 Released May 30, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Monitor Anomalies

Business Transactions

Now on AppDynamics Cloud, Business Transactions are a visual representation of the transactions (request and response) that take place for the services on the application. BTs give a more granular view of services and interactions based on its starting point. It represents the processing path that is followed in response to a user-initiated request–in other words, the logical path of a user through your services. (GA v23.5.25 Released May 30, 2023)
DOCUMENTATION  Monitor AnomaliesAppDynamics Infrastructure Collector 

Kubernetes infrastructure and troubleshooting 

A number of new AppDynamics artifact versions in this release include: OTel Docker image (Linux and Windows), Cluster and Infrastructure Collectors Docker image, AppDynamics operator Docker image, and AppDynamics Collectors Helm and Operators Helm charts. 

In a Linux environment, Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) 1.25.9, Rancher Kubernetes Engine Government (RKE2) 1.24.13+rke2r1, and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI) 1.25.4+vmware.1 are now supported. (GA v23.5.25 Released May 30, 2023)
DOCUMENTATION   Install Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring  

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Agent enhancement highlights

NOTE |See the full 23.5 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements  

SAP Agent 

This release includes enhancements including S/4HANA 2022 FPS01 compatibility, including WebGUI EUM compatibility.

For Business iQ, there is S/4HANA Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure to Pay (P2P) Bussiness Prcess supported.

Along with improved job error reporting, there are other improvements and bug fixes. See the Release Notes for SAP Monitoring Using AppDynamics for more details. (GA v23.5 Released May 29, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  AppDynamics SAP Agent Release Notes, v23.5 

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The following agents have had basic library updates, patches, or fixes this month

Analytics Agent

Libraries were updated (GA v23.5 Released May 24, 2023) 

Cluster Agent 

Overall improvements to memory usage, with particular optimizations to the churn frequency of creating and deleting pods. Bug fixes. (GA v23.5 Released May 25, 2023) 

Database Agent

You can now configure the frequency of collecting the database size statistics for each Postgres SQL collector. Bug fixes. (GA v23.5 Released May 15, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Database Agent Settings for Monitoring Database 

Java Agent


A new node property allows you to manually specify whether an environment should be treated as read-only or not. Bug fixes. (GA v23.5 Released May 31, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Read-only environment node property,  
Agent Resolved Issues, v23.5 

Machine Agent

Upgrades to third-party components: Hibernate Validator (now v6.1.7 Final), Java Runtime Environment (now 11.0.19), org.jsons (now 20230227), and org.eclipse.jetty (now 9.4.51). (GA v23.5 Released May 30, 2023) 
DETAILS  Release Notes APM Platform, Agents v23.5 

Network Agent

Upgrades to third-party libraries: curl (now 8.0.1), libpcre (now 10.4.2), and capnproto (now 0.10.4). (GA v23.5 Released May 31, 2023) 
DETAILS  Release Notes APM Platform, Agents v23.5

Node.js Agent

Includes support for Yam and Node.js 19Bug fixes. (GA v23.5 Released May 17, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Node.js Supported Environments, Agent Resolved Issues, v23.5 

Python Agent 

This release includes support for Python 3.11.  (GA v23.5.1 Released May 27, 2023)  

In addition, Jackson databind was updated and snakeYAML was removed. Support for Python 3.6 has ended. (GA v23.5.1 Released May 7, 2023) 

DOCUMENTATION  Python Supported Environments, Agent Resolved Issues, v23.5, End of Support Notice, Python 3.6 

React Native Agent

Now supported: manual tracking of UI events using Instrumentation.trackUIEvent()(GA v23.5 Released May 25, 2023) 

Private Synthetic Agent

Private Synthetic Agent (PSA) deployment in Docker engine is now supported. In addition, PSA deployment in Kubertnetes and Minikube has been simplified. (GA v23.5 Released May 31, 2023) 

DOCUMENTATION  Set up PSA in Docker Engine, Set up PSA in Amazon EKS, Set up PSA in Azure AKS, Set up PSA in Minikube

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SaaS Controller enhancement highlights

NOTESee the AppDynamics APM Platform Release Announcements v23.5 page for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of enhancements

Cisco Secure Application

This release includes Business Risk Factors (GA v23.5 Released May 30, 2023), as well as optimization and bug fixes (Released May 24, 2023). 
DOCUMENTATION  Monitor Business Transactions, SaaS Controller Resolved Issues, v23.5

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Accounts Management Portal enhancement highlights

NOTESee the Release Notes for Accounts and Licensing page for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of enhancements

SAML configuration enhancements for user provisioning 

Administrators can more easily provision users with improved SAML configuration, including enhanced Identity Provider flows when adding new users.   

When SAML federation is active, Administrators can generate a JIT-provisioning link when they want users to provision their own accounts. (GA v23.5 Released May 8, 2023)  
DOCUMENTATION  Configure SSO through SAML 

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On-premises Platform enhancement highlights

NOTESee the On-premises and APM Platform Enhancements page for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of enhancements

Automated Agent Operations

Automate agent operations like install, upgrade, and rollback with Ansible, CloudFoundry, Docker, and Kubernetes. (GA v23.4.0 Released May 30, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Install App Server Agents > Agent Management 

Enterprise Console v23.4

MYSQL version 8.0 is available with Enterprise Console (EC) 23.4. NOTE | Fresh installations or upgrades from older EC versions to 23.4 will continue to use MYSQL 5.7 version by default. You must upgrade the EC and Controller before upgrading to this version of MYSQL. (GA v23.4 Released May 4, 2023) 

Events Service

Use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the communication between nodes in a cluster. (GA v23.4 Released May 4, 2023) 
DOCUMENTATION  Set up TLS to Encrypt Communications in the Elastic Stack 

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What else should I know about?

Let's Go! See you at Cisco Live, June 4-8

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Find the details about where else you'll find AppDynamics and what we'll be doing here in News & Announcements, as well as on the AppDynamics Blog.
To learn more about the event as a whole—including registration, and the global broadcast, see


AppDynamics University News 

The AppDynamics University team have launched a refreshed user experience, as well as releasing a number of new courses. Read the summary in the Education Product Updates, January and February 2023. 


AppDynamics University at Cisco Live

Sign up for Bill Miller’s breakout session at Cisco Live 2023 –  
Preparing for your AppDynamics Certification(s) - BRKCRT-2017 

The session is for site reliability engineers, architects, DevOps, platform administrators or partner consultants who work with AppDynamics technologies. Bill will discuss available role-based Certifications and share sample exam questions, preparation resources, strategies, recommended learning and tips to help you prepare effectively and efficiently for your exams. 

It qualifies for Cisco Continuing Education Credit and will be held Thursday, June 9, starting at 9:30 am (:60). 

Looking for other Cisco Live learning opportunities?
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Register for the following  webinars:

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NOW ON DEMAND | Learn how First Abu Dhabi Bank achieved full-stack observablity 
Hear how FAB the bank optimized the 180+ performance apps in it's portfolio, cut customer downtime by 70%, and reduced MTTR for AppDynamics-monitored workloads. 
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COMING JUNE 28, 29Achieving end-to-end visibility with Cisco AppDynamics and ThousandEyes
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ON DEMAND | Take cloud native monitoring to the next level with OpenTelemetry™  
Cisco AppDynamics’ leverage of OpenTelemetry™ provides an efficient method for collecting and correlating MELT data. Learn how embracing OTel open source standards can help explain how services interact and shorten feedback loops to rapidly resolve application performance issues. 

Stay tuned for new upcoming webinars

Other new webinars on the horizon include Introduction to AppDynamics, AppDynamics + ThousandEyes, and new K8s content. We'll post about upcoming webinars here in Community News & Announcements, and they're always available on the Cisco AppDynamics site webinars page.

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Resolved issues

New! Now, you can sort the completeAppDynamics Cloud Release Notes and AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes by any heading, including product, severity, version information, and release date. They are updated on an ongoing basis. 

The following key issues were resolved in May.  

CDM-9138 Event Grouper: improve handling of invalid proguard mapping files (Affected v23.2) 

DBMON-8994 Fixed OS Monitoring validation. (Affected v23.2) 

DBMON-8996 Mongo DB Collector was causing a high number of database connections. Fixed. (Affected v23.3) 

SERVER-8959 Logs were not providing complete information when Machine Agent registration failed on the Controller. The logs do not provide complete information when Machine Agent registration fails on Controller. 

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PLANNING AN UPGRADE? | Please check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation as part of your upgrade planning process

  Download Essential Components 
(Agents, Enterprise Console, Controller (on-prem), Events Service, EUM Components)
  Where do I download
AppDynamics components?

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How do I get started upgrading my AppDynamics components for any release?  
  Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes Open Source Extensions  
License Entitlements and Restrictions



Community Manager

@Daniela.Ehmele posted about a live online event about Business iQ (BiQ) coming up on June 21. In EMEA, the session will cover BiQ principles and best practices, along with common use cases. If you've been interested in learning more, you may want to register. The event is free.

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