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What AppDynamics enhancements were new in March 2023? 

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AppDynamics Cloud v23.3 was released on March 23, 2023. This includes enhancements around the anomaly detection engine, providing more proactive and predictive issue identification, logging enhancements, more Azure cloud service entities, expanding our footprint, encompassing a broader correlation for deeper and quicker root cause analysis, and more! 

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What release highlights should I know about?

The following table includes release highlights AppDynamics features and capabilities released in February 2023. Check out the table to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each enhancement. For minor fixes or patches, please refer to the respective release notes links below.

 User  Admin  DevOps
AppDynamics Cloud enhancement highlights      
Seasonality in Anomaly Detection Engine
Logging UI  
Infrastructure monitoring for Windows  
Azure cloud service entities monitoring

Database multi-tenant monitoring

Traces and spans UI

Agent enhancement highlights      
Analytics Agent    
Flutter Agent
Java Agent  
Javascript Agent    
Machine Agent    
Network Agent    

Where can I find detailed information about this month's enhancements?

Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portal pages, i.e., AppDynamics Cloud Release NotesAppDynamics (CSaaS) Release NotesRelease Notes for AppDynamics Accounts and Licensing, and AppDynamics On-Premises APM Platform Release Notes.

Where available, see links to this month's Release Notes below, under each product heading.

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AppDynamics Cloud highlights

All of the following AppDynamics Cloud enhancements are part of GA v23.3, released March 23, 2023. 

NOTE |See the complete AppDynamics Cloud v23.3 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of AppDynamics Cloud enhancements

Seasonality in Anomaly Detection Engine 

Account for those seasonal spikes in business transactions with the AppDynamics Anomaly Detection engine. The AD engine provides value out of the box and is critical to understand what is, or what is not, normal. Accounting for seasonal spikes provides the most accurate anomaly detection algorithm.  

Improved logging UI features 

There have been some logging improvements within the user interface, to help streamline your troubleshooting with log workflows, such as providing a way to download log files, customizing columns in the message table, showing the number of events, and visual histogram enhancements. 

Additionally, you can now deploy the Log Collector on Kubernetes clusters running on Windows containers.

Infrastructure monitoring for Windows

We have expanded support for monitoring key performance metrics and health for Kubernetes Windows container workloads hosted on EKS and AWS as well as monitoring non-Kubernetes Windows hosts running in AWS, Azure, or your private environment. 

Now monitor additional Azure entities

Monitor Azure Application Gateway, Azure App Services of Azure Web Apps, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Function Apps, as well as monitor Azure App Service Plans for more visibility across cloud service entity landscapes. 

Database multi-tenant

You can now install multiple Database Collectors in each namespace, supporting different teams managing their own namespace when running in shared Kubernetes clusters.

Traces and Spans UI improvements

Filter traces and spans for quicker root cause analysis to what matters and group by service, span or entity.  

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Agent release highlights

NOTE |See enhancement details in the 23.3 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements  

Analytics Agent 

This release removes the aws-java-sdk-s3 transitive dependency from the Analytics Agent.

 (GA v23.3 Released March 17, 2023) 

Flutter Agent 

This release includes:

  • Promoting the Flutter package from Beta. 
  • Disabling native WebView instrumentation, which was enabled by default. 
  • Fixing the UniqueKey() method not found with older Flutter projects, native errors not being reported correctly, and incorrect LoggingLevel values on Android.  

DOCUMENTATION Instrument Flutter Applications. 

(GA v23.2 Released March 20, 2023) 

Java Agent 

In addition to bug fixes, this release of the Java Agent adds an option to ignore exceptions using nested exception mesages.

DOCUMENTATION See enable-ignore-nested-exception-message and nested-exception-message-depth on the App Agent Node Properties (D-E) page. 

(GA v23.3 Released March 20, 2023) 

Javascript Agent 

In this release, the useHTTPSAlways flag is now set to true by default.  

DOCUMENTATION Configure the JavaScript Agent to Use HTTPS

In addition, agent payload is saved, even if Fetch is using a request object.

(GA v23.3 Released March 27, 2023) 

Machine Agent

The commons-fileupload third-party component was been upgraded to v1.5 from v1.4. 

(GA v23.3 Released March 21, 2023) 

Network Agent 

In Linux installations, you can now determine whether the Network Agent will produce a core file size. 

DOCUMENTATION  Limit Core File Production or Size 

A number of third-party libraries were upgraded, and the release includes a bug fix. 

NOTE | As of version 23/3/0, support for 32-bit architecture has been deprecated in Network Agent 

(GA v23.3 Released March 27, 2023) 

Private Synthetic Agent 

Private Synthetic Agent installation now replaces the external Postgres database with Apache Ignite. 

DOCUMENTATION  Install the Private Synthetic Agent (Web and API Monitoring) 

This version supports changing the pod-level DNS server settings of a Kubernetes cluster. 

See the pages about deploying web monitoring PSA and API monitoring in their respective cluster types: 
• Amazon EKS 
• Minikube 
• Azure AKS 
• Bare Metal K8s 

(GA v23.2 Released March 27, 2023) 

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What else should I know?

Support Notifications

Python Agent and MIDC 

Python Agent throws an error and stops reporting transactions when 

  • Method Invocation Data Collector (MIDC) parameters are configured for a non-Python Agent business transaction in an application where a Python Agent is also present 
  • Incorrect MIDC parameters are configured for the Python Agent business transactions 

This issue affects applications instrumented with all versions of Python Agent. A fix is being pursued. In the meantime: 

  • If you use Python Agent for instrumentation in an application, do not use MIDC for any of the agents in the same application. 
  • If you already use MIDC, delete it and restart the Python Agent to restore monitoring in the environment.  

Support Advisory: Python Agent Stops Reporting Transactions When MIDC is Configured 

iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin Agents End Support for iOS 9 and 10

AppDynamics will stop supporting iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin Agent for iOS 9 and 10 as of April 17th, 2023. 

Node.js Agent version 12 deprecated 

As of March 31, 2023, Node.js Agent will no longer support version 12. 
  • As of March 31, 2023, Node.js Agent will no longer support version 12.


Coming Soon! AppDynamics Controller-managed user account to gain SSO access to their SaaS Controller tenants and more

Beginning with the SaaS Controller v23.4 release, AppDynamics-managed SasS Controller user accounts will begin migrating to the AppDynamics Identity Provider. Users will gain single sign-on access to Controller tenants and other AppDynamics resources (such as University, Support, and Community), as well as best-in-class identity management.   

The migration experience is a simple process, specifically designed to avoid disruption to your account or your users. At completion, each of your affected users will have uninterrupted access equal to their prior assigned permissions and rights. 

See our Knowledge Base article, AppDynamics Global Identity Migration Experience FAQ for process and timing details, and more.


AppDynamics University News 

Released in March, AppDynamics certification exams now include the Instant Translate tool, which uses instantaneous machine translation in 22 languages. Test takers can now highlight any text they want to see in the language they choose, right on-screen and in-assessment. 

See the details in Translate your Certification exam questions with "Instant Translate" (AppD University Group, Articles and FAQs) 

New Self-paced courses since December 2022 

New AppDynamics courses, released December 2022 to date

Premium, Self-paced*

  • Configure Synthetic API Monitoring Jobs

Standard, Self-paced*

For AppDynamics Cloud:

  •  Install Kubernetes and AppService Monitoring
  • Connect AppDynamics to AWS CloudWatch using Role Delegation
  • Connect AppDynamics to AWS CloudWatch using Key Credentials

See the entire AppDynamics Cloud course catalog here.

*Premium Self-paced courses require a Premium University subscription. Visit our site for more information on subscription types.

Register for one of our courses here.


Here in the Community...

New in the Forums, we have a brand new space for AppDynamics Cloud discussion. We’re also making small UI changes: can you spot them? 

Have you seen our home page tiles, below the hero? We try to highlight everything from Community happenings to AppDynamics announcements. What kind of news best helps you? Let us know in General Discussions, or ping your Community Managers, Ryan Paredez and/or Claudia Landivar, directly. 

Finally, check out our latest Community Member Spotlight series post—an interview of Sunil Vanmullem, Solutions Architect. We appreciate our Community members and learning about your professional journeys.

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Resolved issues

See the complete lists of resolved issues for v23.3 in the AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes and AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes. 

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