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Revised March 25, 2022

In March, we released Controller version 22.3 which contains key product enhancements and agent updates, along with SaaS Controller fixes.


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What release highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month, at a glance. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who within your organization may be most interested or impacted for each enhancement.

USER and
ThousandEyes and Dash Studio
Database Agent

Flutter Agent for MRUM
IBM Integration Bus Agent    
iOS Agent  
PHP Agent
Xamarin Agent    
Mobile RUM



Full-stack Observability Enhancements

ThousandEyes and DashStudio

Thousand Eyes and Dash Studio now support a new Gauge widget so we can set thresholds to indicate color status. The previous Thousand Eyes test limit has been removed.


Agent Updates

C/C++ SDK Agent

The C/C++ SDK Agent now supports the Alpine Linux distribution and can match limits set by the Analytics Agent. (v22.3.0, Released March 15, 2022)


Database Agent

There is a new SSL environment setting for the CASSANDRA_SSL-CONTEXT_PROTOCOL system. See Configure Cassandra Collectors documentation for more information. 

Additionally, there is now an option to delete servers manually from the database topology window. And state servers are now automatically deleted from the database server table. (v22.3.0, Released March 24, 2022)


Flutter Agent for mobile RUM

AppDynamics’ new Flutter Agent allows you to monitor your mobile Flutter applications. See Instrument Flutter Agent and Customize the Flutter Instrumentation. (v22.3.0, Released March 8, 2022)


IBM Integration Bus Agent

You can now reuse historical VM node names for new VMs and in addition. It prevents the rapid increase of differently named nodes, especially when the nodes are identical processes that run over different times, helping you monitor environments with short-life VMs. Please see the Enable the Node Name Reuse documentation for more details.

Additionally, IBM App Connect Enterprise version 11 running on Kubernetes is now supported. (v22.3.0, Release March 3, 2022)


iOS Agent

AppDynamics iOS Agent now supports Xcode 12.5 and later. (v22.3.0, Released March 22, 2022)


PHP Agent

This release includes support to report analytics data after a specific number of data events/transactions or after a specific time interval. See Configure Transaction Analytics for Node.js, PHP, and Python Applications. (v22.3.0, Released March 3, 2022)


SaaS Controller Enhancements

SaaS Controller version 22.2.4

In March, SaaS Controller version 22.2.4 was released which supports a number of Mobile RUM enhancements such as asynchronously correlating business transactions for mobile sessions, including fetching and loading endpoints for Mobile Session Details. 

NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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Heads up - What else you should know 

New ‘Synthetic API Monitoring’ demo

Learn how the new AppDynamics API Monitoring solution helps you proactively identify and resolve API performance and availability issues to minimize impact on your users’ experience and business outcomes. Watch the video for a first-hand experience. 


Full-Stack Observability webinars

AppDynamics Full-Stack Observability Webinar Series 

Want to learn how to transform your business faster? Join us as our experts walk you through the benefits of full-stack observability and the impact it can have on your customer experience, profitability, and optimization of your IT team’s time. Walk away with valuable knowledge. View or Register Today


New AppDynamics University Systems Engineering Masters accreditation

February marked the first recipients of AppDynamics’ Qualified Systems Engineering Masters accreditation. To qualify, these candidates met their AppDynamics Partner Program Stage 1 and 2 learning map obligations via the Cisco Black Belt Academy, and then successfully combined it with an AppDynamics Certification. See the February 2022 cohort here.


More from AppDynamics University

AppDynamics University has seen a wealth of new courses and certification recognition features. Access these new instructor-led and short-form courses directly on AppDynamics University. Or read about them in recent News & Announcements posts.

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Resolved Issues

The following AppDynamics Controller versions have enhancements and/or resolved issues. 


The following key Agent issue was resolved in the 22.3 release.

  • Agent Scope fails added in cases where there are a large number of Analytics Agents (ANALYTICS-13883)

You can see a complete listing of this month's Agent Resolved Issues, as well as Controller Resolved Issues, in AppDynamics documentation.

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